Wtf is this? Wtf....w...wt...f

Wtf is this? Wtf....w...wt...f

I meant fudge.....f for fudge, not fuck.
Wtf = What the fudge

The name's too long, so I go by "Abhi." I sometimes dream of becoming an Entrepreneur, but I think financial freedom will suffice. I love standups, so I might as well do it here– my blog– The Real Maverick. I love 70's thru 00's music, so I might as well add that. Being multilingual is a talent, and I am one of them. I find dogs charming, cats moody, fishes dirty, and birds useless. I'll go for a dog.

I might post some shenanigans and sometimes some deep thoughts that I ponder from time to time. I might make up an entertaining story with no real-life connection whatsoever, post some raw shots from my iPhone with no cliché lines. You see, raw is the new black. You shouldn't be shocked If I ask you to compare my pic with the real me. The world is full of shocks and then aftershocks. I might start a podcast talking about life jargon, fitness but not like how personal trainers do.

Not an expert, so expect errors– a lot. Not a big fan of complex punctuations and twists. You see, personal blogs give you the freedom to make your own rules. Not saying you can mess up the basic principles. You'll find it plain and simple here.

Just listen to this song. You'll get the gist of what the content will look like.

Might lead to a love story. Listen to it.

And sometimes, I may be motivating as fudge.

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